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Partnership to Change the World

April 3rd, 2018
Ismail meet Hon Julie Bishop , Minister for Foreign Affairs at UWA Engineering Faculty.

Ismail meet Hon Julie Bishop , Minister for Foreign Affairs at UWA Engineering Faculty.

Ismail, a volunteer from a small NGO in Dompu, Sumbawa, just spent two weeks learning about waste management with his friends from Millennium Kids Inc.

“I learnt so much while I was in Perth. I met people with innovative ideas about how to manage plastic waste. I visited waste management facilities and saw how different communities in Perth manage their household waste. I met innovators like GreenBatch who are trying to create a new plastic economy. I met kids designing new products to reduce plastic consumption. I did a beach clean up and completed a survey to Help Tangaroa Blue learn more about the plastic that finds its way to the ocean. I’ll be able to take these ideas back to my town of Dompu and implement them with my team at Yayasan WE SAVE. “ Ismail said.

The partnership between Ismail and his friends began through a chance meeting in Cottesloe between a local Indonesian surfer, Mukhlis Lakey and Catrina Luz Aniere, CEO of Millennium Kids. The two met over a coffee and Mukhlis talked about his concern for the beaches in Sumbawa and the need for an education program around plastic pollution. The coffee resulted in what is now a four-year collaboration between young people in Western Australia and on the island.

In 2017 Millennium Kids was successful in receiving a grant to support the ResourceNOTrubbish project through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Australia – Indonesia Institute. The funding allowed ten Indonesians from the island to come to Western Australia to share ideas about waste management and plastic waste pollution.

During the visit Ismail had the chance to report on the partnership to Hon Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with fellow Millennium Kids Thea Kurniawan and Zahra Aisya, from University of Western Australia. During the meet at the Engineering Faculty the young people shared ideas about waste innovation and our responsibility to manage the problems we create.

“ Yayasan We SAVE have an innovative program where young people collect plastic bottles and cups and trade them for English lessons, bags of rice and other staple goods. ‘ No one need be poor in the community. We can learn from each other, share ideas and ensure we work together to tackle with growing plastic pollution problem. “ Catrina-Luz Aniere said.

The young people of Yayasan We SAVE are building a waste recycling and innovation centre to educate the local people about plastic pollution and trade plastic waste, stemming the tide of waste from the forest to the sea. UWA Engineering Alumni have been supporting the project by joining the Millennium Kids fieldtrip on a tour of the Dompu region, providing expertise in building design and planning for the facility.

For more information about how you can help this project get off the ground please contact Millennium Kids Inc at




Report from the Chair

November 22nd, 2017

Millennium Kids Inc

October 25, 2017 Annual General Meeting

Report from the Chair

The past twelve months has been a busy year for the MK Council. The year commenced celebrating the MK 20th anniversary with an UNconference that set the ambitious target of ‘1000 Actions for the Planet’ ending with a diverse audience of dignitaries, comedians, partners, parents, volunteers and friends supporting kids pitching their projects. The event provided an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the work of Millennium Kids over the past 20 years in empowering young people to take action on environmental issues they are concerned about. I felt honoured that one of my first acts as Chair at the UNconference was to facilitate kids developing future scenarios and mapping out their projects against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During the year, while Kids have worked on their projects, the Council has been successful in raising funds and securing grants, providing mentors and volunteers to support the Kids, organising outings and trainings, and managing the first round of legalities of the transition to the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Over the next two years the Council will be working on the Associations Transition program so that the right structures, governance and planning is in place to ensure that MK’s good work continues into the future.

The year concluded with a ‘Festival of Fun’ UNconference in October 2017. 2517 was the year in focus with visioning, stories and timelines mapping the way to a world the Kids want to shape for future generations. Global goals, Indonesian challenges, and local Wetlands issues were addressed and practical projects ideated for planning at the next workshop. It will be my great pleasure to report Kids achievements to the UN SDG’s partnerships forum.

The icing on the cake of a busy year: Millennium Kids was recognised for its achievements during the WA Youth Awards, winning the RUAH Organisational Achievement Award for small organisations.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the hard work of the CEO, Youth Board, Council and volunteers, for outstanding contributions over a busy twelve months and look forward to seeing what MKI can achieve in its 22nd year!


Thank you to Prof Lyn Beazley for joining us on our Futures Thinking Day at the MK21 UNconference.


2517 is serious futures thinking!

2517 is serious futures thinking!

Anita Sykes-Kelleher

Chair, Millennium Kids Inc.

Healthy Rivers Healthy Communities

November 22nd, 2017

Having a say about the things you care about is really important to Millennium Kids.  On Sunday 12th November some of the MK Crew joined the Minister for the Environment, Stephen Dawson and Member for Bicton, Lisa O’Malley, at the community Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities Forum. The Crew outlined their vision for a healthy river. Here are some of their tips.

1. Get out onto the river and enjoy nature – it is good for your health.
2. Get to know the plants and animals so you can monitor the health of the river.
3. Join a group, make new friends and plants some trees.
4. Let your Member of Parliament know what’s going on in a river near you and tell them why you care.

Find a nature spot near you and get to know it. Take a walk and enjoy the birds.

Minister for Environment , Stephen Dawson, speaks to the crowd while MK member look on.

Minister for Environment , Stephen Dawson, speaks to the crowd while MK member look on.


MK Members have an opportunity to speak to Members of Parliament about their vision for future river care.

Neeve gives her vision for future river care.

Neeve gives her vision for future river care.

Young People and Climate Change: Perceptions and Concerns

November 21st, 2017
Prof Lyn Beazley, Assoc Prof Denese Playford and MK friends launch the Survey in Earth Week.

Prof Lyn Beazley, Assoc Prof Denese Playford, University of Western Australia and MK friends launch the Survey in Earth Week.

Yes, it is Earth Week and COP23 is winding down. World leaders are been talking about climate change and so have the Kids. Today at 10.30am Prof Lyn Beazley will launch our Young People and Climate Change: Perceptions and Concerns Survey – a partnership between Medical Scholarly Activity students, Aaron and Hong, from the Medical Faculty of University of Western Australia and Millennium Kids.

Since 2015 the Kids have increasingly been using such words as ‘anxious’ and refer to their ‘growing sense of worry’ when talking about climate change and their future. The issue of a changing climate comes up all there time in all areas of Mk work regardless of socio economic status, location or cultural background and this got the Kids thinking. Is this worry, this anxiousness, causing an impact on young people’s health and well being?

So  we are giving them opportunity to have a say.
If you are 7 – 25 years check out the survey and spread the word. Check in with your parents if you are under 18.
Young People and Climate Change: Perceptions and Concerns Survey

Email for more information about our 1000 Actions for the Planet Kit. There are heaps of things we can all do to keep the planet cool.

Nature Play – Kids have a say!

November 21st, 2017

Nature Play – Kids have a Say

Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park

If you want to talk to experts in play – talk to the Kids.

That is exactly what Millennium Kids did at Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park. The Committee was planning a nature play area and they decided to get the kids in to see what they wanted. Cat, Millennium Kids CEO, facilitated a half day workshop with 15 local children. With a series of experiences to get them thinking Kids gently reminded the adults that nature play was just that – in nature.

They had some pretty interesting recommendations:

  • it needs to be an adventure to get there
  • we need places to hide where we can’t see the adults
  • we want to get wet and jump in the mud
  • we want to build and make things and get our materials from the surrounding area.
  • kids like different things – some want to look at birds and insects, some want to sit and read, others want to build or hide in a dark cubby.

It was a fabulous morning and great to watch the kids take off their shoes and get down and dirty in the mud.

Kids Design the Future

November 21st, 2017
Kids design a city suburb with 30 - 40% tree canopy!

Kids design a city suburb with 30 – 40% tree canopy!

When the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network wanted to get creative around greening their suburbs they called in the Kids. The one day workshop focused on what Kids thought were the most important issues – they mapped them to the UN Sustainable Goals and hey presto they used their ideas to set goals for the Urban Forest Strategy.

  • Help protect native animals
  • Get rid of waste from waterways
  • Increase trees
  • Plant bushes and plants with berries and seeds
  • Make a club to listen to kids and share good ideas
  • Help the poor people
  • Help encourage school to implement a SDG’s through education programs and sustainable building design

Thanks to the Australian Urban Design Research Centre the students had an opportunity to create a 3D model of their future suburb.

Their plans included:

  • high rise, shared spaces, units
  • underground and small spaces for cars
  • Trees and bushes, wall and rooftop gardens
  • Native animals
  • Places to relax, meet and play with the community to foster health and well being.

The city planners checked out their designs and calculated the tree canopy – all of them archieved a whopping 30% tree cover or more!

Exciting stuff. The young people will now present their ideas to members of the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network, members of Council and other stakeholders.

The Kids team plan on encouraging other young people to get on board and have a say and will be sending out information about how to get involved in the coming weeks.

For more information contact info@millenniumkids. com. au



MK21 UNconference – One Thousand Actions for the Planet

September 12th, 2017


Javier is volunteering in the MK Office to help develop the MK21 UNconference.

Javier is volunteering in the MK Office to help develop the MK21 UNconference.

Hi,my name is Javier and I am seventeen years old. I am speaking on behalf of Millennium Kids, an organisation that seeks to empower young people to create positive change in the world.

For several years now I have experienced a growing sense of worry regarding climate change and global warming. Its effects are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the world: rising temperatures, melting polar ice caps and resultant high sea levels, prolonged periods of drought, ocean acidification and progressively more violent and unpredictable storms such as hurricane Irma. I believe that serious action has to be taken if we want our planet to still be life supporting in one hundred years’ time.

Climate change is something that most people are aware of but which is rarely discussed in our daily lives. Often we are distracted by personal, short term goals and don’t consider the impact our actions are having on the environment. In Western Australia particularly we seem to be far more focussed on squeezing money out of unsustainable business than finding more sustainable means of energy production for the future. I strongly believe that we as a state need to start taking more responsibility for the environment and our future generations. We need to take action to prevent climate change before too much damage is done.

Millennium Kids believes that more young people like me should have a say on the issues that concern them, and offers us a platform from which we can take action and have our voice heard.

If you are 10 – 21 years and are concerned about climate change, sustainability or other environmental issues, I encourage you to join us at the MK21 Unconference – One Thousand Actions for the Planet. It will be held over three days on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October, with the themes of water, waste and a future vision of Roe 8. There will be a range of activities, opportunities to speak to stakeholders and entrepreneurs and to put your ideas forward.

If you are interested, visit or email for an information pack.

You can book tickets through eventbrite!

I hope to see you there.


Thuy Pitches Idea to Kids – There is No Planet B!

June 30th, 2017

Thuy pitches to the kids.

Hi everyone! My name is Thuy and I am so excited to be working with Millennium Kids!

I’m a Youth Work student and I am very passionate about helping young people to fulfil their potential. I am a mother of three young girls, have been happily married since I was 20 years old, and I love to read, sing, watch movies and play badminton.

I have always been a very positive person, but until recently, didn’t realise that one person alone could make a difference in the environment. I didn’t yet understand how significant little changes can be.

After I came to my first MK Lab, my thinking and attitude towards plastic, waste, sustainability completely changed. I realised that everyone has the potential to make changes in their own lives.

On that beautiful morning in March, I went on my first bushwalk in a long time, admired the Cockburn wetlands, put on my critical thinking cap, and went home feeling very inspired. I was surrounded by a group of passionate young people who were determined to make changes and to make others see that they could make them too!

Those young people are the Millennium Kids. They are the impassioned voice for young people. They are disheartened by environmental policies and feeling all kinds of emotions including not being taken seriously. Yet, somehow, they are still filled with so much hope.

I went home that first day and asked myself, “What can I do for Millennium Kids? What project can I start that will help the environment and raise awareness about sustainability?”


Kids give Thuy the thumbs.

I thought about what I could do for MK, then the idea came to me.

I absolutely love writing and have been working as a freelance writer for several years now, so I thought – why not develop a newspaper focused on environmental issues alone?

So, despite my nerves, I stood up in front of the kids and pitched the idea to them!

And they loved it! They loved the objective of the newspaper, the intention to print with environmentally friendly paper and ink, the fact that I was getting out there and pitching just like them… and they especially loved the fact that this project will be all THEIRS.

So, let’s CREATE that platform for young people. Let the young people design a newspaper, write it, take photos, conduct interviews, decide what is most important to them. Let them be the driving force behind this newspaper.

This newspaper would not only give them the opportunity to speak out, but to also work together with other kids – across the state, across the country, across the world!

Kids ideas for the paper!

Kids ideas for the paper!

Interest is already building for our newspaper project and we want YOU to get involved!

If you know a young person (aged 10-25 years) who…
* Is passionate about the environment and sustainability, or
* Loves to write, take photos, draw and/or design, or
* Has an idea for an environmental sustainability project…

Then please get in touch with me, Thuy Yau, at

We would love to work with schools, youth and community groups, as well as individuals.

As part of this exciting project, I will be running workshops at the monthly MK meetings and providing mentoring, encouragement and guidance.

Let’s stay true to the 17th UN Sustainable Development goal and work TOGETHER to make the world a better place for ALL those living in it!

MK Joins National Tree Planting Day 2017

June 29th, 2017

Team MK rock the trash collection on tree planting day.

They say a picture says a thousand words. This photo is about the restoration of one area MK are working on – we planted  more than 2000 native plants on Sunday.

On Sunday, 25 June, 2017, a group of kids and adults worked together to brighten up the area at Cygnia Cove, Manning.

Geared up with our comfortable shoes and clothing, we popped on our gloves and grabbed a trowel. After an important induction by the lovely Yulia, we split up into a kids team and adults team – and were ready to add more life to the area.
The next two hours passed by quickly. The kids got to work, moving from one area to the next. As they planted the assortment of native plants, laughter was heard and stories were told. They worked well at communicating which plants still needed to be watered, if more water was required from the little creek at the site, if assistance was needed any other way.

The kids were exhausted by the end of the planting, but that didn’t get in the way of their excitement of what they’d achieved.
The pots that the plants arrived in had now become a creatively placed bridge above the heads of the kids – a symbol of all their hard work!

Amazing how many pots you can collect when you plant 2000 trees.

Amazing how many pots you can collect when you plant 2000 trees.

Chatter was heard as the kids and adults mingled and bonded over woodfire cooked pizza from a trailer. So amazing! Thanks to the chocolate pizza man! Who knew marshmallow could be a topping?!

One of the Millennium Kids, Kate, was quick to rave about her positive experiences that day. She loved being able to “work with people of all ages”. Her enthusiasm was shared by Riley who said, “you can get social with everyone while you plant”.

Another young person was even able to work towards her goals at school. “It is good to be out helping. I normally go horse riding but today helped out and added it to my community service for school,” Charlotte said.

The adults worked just as hard in the second location and shared the same sense of satisfaction that the kids felt!
The fantastic aspect about all the tree planting was how it brought together people from all walks of life and gave them the opportunity to give back to the community.
Young people, adults, families, Millennium Kids, volunteers, workers within the City of South Perth environmental team came together on Sunday to improve the community – and in the process, reminded all of us that with team work, comes absolutely remarkable results.

The City of South Perth was so grateful for our efforts and would be more than happy to see us all return again – especially to see the fruits of our labour grow!

On behalf of the Millennium Kids team, thank you to all the volunteers that set aside their Sunday to beautify the area at Cygnia Cove!!! Well done!

Top MK Leaders Recognised

June 27th, 2017


Celebrating recognition for great work. Yay MK!

Celebrating recognition for great work. Yay MK!

Two Millennium Kids members were up for WA Young Achiever Awards 2017 last month. Thea was nominated in the Leadership Category for her work at K through The Willy Wagtail Project, for her work as co founder of TEDXUWA and her volunteer work to raise literacy standards in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bella was nominated in the Sustainability Category for her work with MK, writing a book on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and fund raising for lockers for homeless people in her home town.

It was wonderful to see these young women nominated for their efforts to make the world a better place.


For more information about who to get involved email