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Millennium Kids Inc. is an international youth environmental organisation with partnerships with South Africa and Indonesia. This international context encourages young people involved in Millennium Kids to adopt a ‘Think Global, Act Local’ attitude as well as allow them to discuss and share their environmental projects internationally.

Please see below for more information about Millennium Kids’ International Partners.

Before the renovation 2010

Millennium Kids Global Project South Africa (MKGP)

Millennium Kids (MK) Australia met Mxolisi Maqoboza and his team from, North West Province, South Africa at the United Nations Environment Program “Leave it To Us Conference” in the United Kingdom in 2000.  During this event MK Australia and Mxolisi and his team agreed to strengthen their partnership by developing a shared vision for environmental education through children.  In October 2000 Mxolisi brought his team from South Africa to Australia for the Millennium Kids Conference.

2001: Yvonne Maqoboza, a graduate from North West Province University, travelled to Australia to undertake an intensive training program with Millennium Kids.

Since that time Millennium Kids Global Project, South Africa has become a not for profit organisation in its own right. The MKGP South Africa is based in Mafikeng, North West Province.

To date MK Australia has raised over $20,000 for MKGP administration and project development.

After the renovation – 2010

Over the past four years MKGP South Africa and MK Australia have been working together to support Ntshidi Middle School on the border of Botswana – one of many projects in the area.

2011 Clean Up Molopo River – Stadt Primary School

Millennium Kids Magogoe team assisted Stadt Primary School adopt the Molopo River in Mafikeng. In 2011 the school participated in the first student clean up of the area ably assisted by the committee of young people from Magogoe.

MK Magogoe Committee

MK Magogoe Committee



Tunas Hijau 1999 – 2013

Millennium Kids Inc and Tunas Hijau in Surabaya, Indonesia have had a very strong relationship for over a decade.  Since 1999 the two organisations have been sharing ideas and information about their environmental projects.  More recently, Skype has enabled students to meet and discuss their plans, without having to travel overseas.  This simple action saves at least 2000kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Tunas Hijau have been instrumental in the establishment of parks the city of  Surabaya.  Since 2002 the young people of the organisation has built eleven urban forests.   Below is a book written by one of the Tunas Hijau members Nastiti about her environmental dream.

Roni and Amber

Roni, President of Tunas Hijau shares a project update in the City of South Perth


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