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Ismail meet Hon Julie Bishop , Minister for Foreign Affairs at UWA Engineering Faculty.

Ismail meet Hon Julie Bishop , Minister for Foreign Affairs at UWA Engineering Faculty.

Ismail, a volunteer from a small NGO in Dompu, Sumbawa, just spent two weeks learning about waste management with his friends from Millennium Kids Inc.

“I learnt so much while I was in Perth. I met people with innovative ideas about how to manage plastic waste. I visited waste management facilities and saw how different communities in Perth manage their household waste. I met innovators like GreenBatch who are trying to create a new plastic economy. I met kids designing new products to reduce plastic consumption. I did a beach clean up and completed a survey to Help Tangaroa Blue learn more about the plastic that finds its way to the ocean. I’ll be able to take these ideas back to my town of Dompu and implement them with my team at Yayasan WE SAVE. “ Ismail said.

The partnership between Ismail and his friends began through a chance meeting in Cottesloe between a local Indonesian surfer, Mukhlis Lakey and Catrina Luz Aniere, CEO of Millennium Kids. The two met over a coffee and Mukhlis talked about his concern for the beaches in Sumbawa and the need for an education program around plastic pollution. The coffee resulted in what is now a four-year collaboration between young people in Western Australia and on the island.

In 2017 Millennium Kids was successful in receiving a grant to support the ResourceNOTrubbish project through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Australia – Indonesia Institute. The funding allowed ten Indonesians from the island to come to Western Australia to share ideas about waste management and plastic waste pollution.

During the visit Ismail had the chance to report on the partnership to Hon Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with fellow Millennium Kids Thea Kurniawan and Zahra Aisya, from University of Western Australia. During the meet at the Engineering Faculty the young people shared ideas about waste innovation and our responsibility to manage the problems we create.

“ Yayasan We SAVE have an innovative program where young people collect plastic bottles and cups and trade them for English lessons, bags of rice and other staple goods. ‘ No one need be poor in the community. We can learn from each other, share ideas and ensure we work together to tackle with growing plastic pollution problem. “ Catrina-Luz Aniere said.

The young people of Yayasan We SAVE are building a waste recycling and innovation centre to educate the local people about plastic pollution and trade plastic waste, stemming the tide of waste from the forest to the sea. UWA Engineering Alumni have been supporting the project by joining the Millennium Kids fieldtrip on a tour of the Dompu region, providing expertise in building design and planning for the facility.

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