Report from the Chair

Millennium Kids Inc

October 25, 2017 Annual General Meeting

Report from the Chair

The past twelve months has been a busy year for the MK Council. The year commenced celebrating the MK 20th anniversary with an UNconference that set the ambitious target of ‘1000 Actions for the Planet’ ending with a diverse audience of dignitaries, comedians, partners, parents, volunteers and friends supporting kids pitching their projects. The event provided an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the work of Millennium Kids over the past 20 years in empowering young people to take action on environmental issues they are concerned about. I felt honoured that one of my first acts as Chair at the UNconference was to facilitate kids developing future scenarios and mapping out their projects against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During the year, while Kids have worked on their projects, the Council has been successful in raising funds and securing grants, providing mentors and volunteers to support the Kids, organising outings and trainings, and managing the first round of legalities of the transition to the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Over the next two years the Council will be working on the Associations Transition program so that the right structures, governance and planning is in place to ensure that MK’s good work continues into the future.

The year concluded with a ‘Festival of Fun’ UNconference in October 2017. 2517 was the year in focus with visioning, stories and timelines mapping the way to a world the Kids want to shape for future generations. Global goals, Indonesian challenges, and local Wetlands issues were addressed and practical projects ideated for planning at the next workshop. It will be my great pleasure to report Kids achievements to the UN SDG’s partnerships forum.

The icing on the cake of a busy year: Millennium Kids was recognised for its achievements during the WA Youth Awards, winning the RUAH Organisational Achievement Award for small organisations.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the hard work of the CEO, Youth Board, Council and volunteers, for outstanding contributions over a busy twelve months and look forward to seeing what MKI can achieve in its 22nd year!


Thank you to Prof Lyn Beazley for joining us on our Futures Thinking Day at the MK21 UNconference.


2517 is serious futures thinking!

2517 is serious futures thinking!

Anita Sykes-Kelleher

Chair, Millennium Kids Inc.

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