Nature Play – Kids have a say!

Nature Play – Kids have a Say

Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park

If you want to talk to experts in play – talk to the Kids.

That is exactly what Millennium Kids did at Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park. The Committee was planning a nature play area and they decided to get the kids in to see what they wanted. Cat, Millennium Kids CEO, facilitated a half day workshop with 15 local children. With a series of experiences to get them thinking Kids gently reminded the adults that nature play was just that – in nature.

They had some pretty interesting recommendations:

  • it needs to be an adventure to get there
  • we need places to hide where we can’t see the adults
  • we want to get wet and jump in the mud
  • we want to build and make things and get our materials from the surrounding area.
  • kids like different things – some want to look at birds and insects, some want to sit and read, others want to build or hide in a dark cubby.

It was a fabulous morning and great to watch the kids take off their shoes and get down and dirty in the mud.

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