Thuy Pitches Idea to Kids – There is No Planet B!


Thuy pitches to the kids.

Hi everyone! My name is Thuy and I am so excited to be working with Millennium Kids!

I’m a Youth Work student and I am very passionate about helping young people to fulfil their potential. I am a mother of three young girls, have been happily married since I was 20 years old, and I love to read, sing, watch movies and play badminton.

I have always been a very positive person, but until recently, didn’t realise that one person alone could make a difference in the environment. I didn’t yet understand how significant little changes can be.

After I came to my first MK Lab, my thinking and attitude towards plastic, waste, sustainability completely changed. I realised that everyone has the potential to make changes in their own lives.

On that beautiful morning in March, I went on my first bushwalk in a long time, admired the Cockburn wetlands, put on my critical thinking cap, and went home feeling very inspired. I was surrounded by a group of passionate young people who were determined to make changes and to make others see that they could make them too!

Those young people are the Millennium Kids. They are the impassioned voice for young people. They are disheartened by environmental policies and feeling all kinds of emotions including not being taken seriously. Yet, somehow, they are still filled with so much hope.

I went home that first day and asked myself, “What can I do for Millennium Kids? What project can I start that will help the environment and raise awareness about sustainability?”


Kids give Thuy the thumbs.

I thought about what I could do for MK, then the idea came to me.

I absolutely love writing and have been working as a freelance writer for several years now, so I thought – why not develop a newspaper focused on environmental issues alone?

So, despite my nerves, I stood up in front of the kids and pitched the idea to them!

And they loved it! They loved the objective of the newspaper, the intention to print with environmentally friendly paper and ink, the fact that I was getting out there and pitching just like them… and they especially loved the fact that this project will be all THEIRS.

So, let’s CREATE that platform for young people. Let the young people design a newspaper, write it, take photos, conduct interviews, decide what is most important to them. Let them be the driving force behind this newspaper.

This newspaper would not only give them the opportunity to speak out, but to also work together with other kids – across the state, across the country, across the world!

Kids ideas for the paper!

Kids ideas for the paper!

Interest is already building for our newspaper project and we want YOU to get involved!

If you know a young person (aged 10-25 years) who…
* Is passionate about the environment and sustainability, or
* Loves to write, take photos, draw and/or design, or
* Has an idea for an environmental sustainability project…

Then please get in touch with me, Thuy Yau, at

We would love to work with schools, youth and community groups, as well as individuals.

As part of this exciting project, I will be running workshops at the monthly MK meetings and providing mentoring, encouragement and guidance.

Let’s stay true to the 17th UN Sustainable Development goal and work TOGETHER to make the world a better place for ALL those living in it!

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