MK Joins National Tree Planting Day 2017


Team MK rock the trash collection on tree planting day.

They say a picture says a thousand words. This photo is about the restoration of one area MK are working on – we planted  more than 2000 native plants on Sunday.

On Sunday, 25 June, 2017, a group of kids and adults worked together to brighten up the area at Cygnia Cove, Manning.

Geared up with our comfortable shoes and clothing, we popped on our gloves and grabbed a trowel. After an important induction by the lovely Yulia, we split up into a kids team and adults team – and were ready to add more life to the area.
The next two hours passed by quickly. The kids got to work, moving from one area to the next. As they planted the assortment of native plants, laughter was heard and stories were told. They worked well at communicating which plants still needed to be watered, if more water was required from the little creek at the site, if assistance was needed any other way.

The kids were exhausted by the end of the planting, but that didn’t get in the way of their excitement of what they’d achieved.
The pots that the plants arrived in had now become a creatively placed bridge above the heads of the kids – a symbol of all their hard work!

Amazing how many pots you can collect when you plant 2000 trees.

Amazing how many pots you can collect when you plant 2000 trees.

Chatter was heard as the kids and adults mingled and bonded over woodfire cooked pizza from a trailer. So amazing! Thanks to the chocolate pizza man! Who knew marshmallow could be a topping?!

One of the Millennium Kids, Kate, was quick to rave about her positive experiences that day. She loved being able to “work with people of all ages”. Her enthusiasm was shared by Riley who said, “you can get social with everyone while you plant”.

Another young person was even able to work towards her goals at school. “It is good to be out helping. I normally go horse riding but today helped out and added it to my community service for school,” Charlotte said.

The adults worked just as hard in the second location and shared the same sense of satisfaction that the kids felt!
The fantastic aspect about all the tree planting was how it brought together people from all walks of life and gave them the opportunity to give back to the community.
Young people, adults, families, Millennium Kids, volunteers, workers within the City of South Perth environmental team came together on Sunday to improve the community – and in the process, reminded all of us that with team work, comes absolutely remarkable results.

The City of South Perth was so grateful for our efforts and would be more than happy to see us all return again – especially to see the fruits of our labour grow!

On behalf of the Millennium Kids team, thank you to all the volunteers that set aside their Sunday to beautify the area at Cygnia Cove!!! Well done!

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