Millennium Kids at Karlkurla Park

Sixty students from South Kalgoorlie Primary School descended on Karlkula Park on August 24th to learn about scats, pressures on Karlkurla and to make recommendations on how to look after the park for the future. David Gleeson, KBULG CEO met with the kids and gave an overview of the park history. He talked about the vision of Doug Clegg and all the work he did to protect the area and get it gazetted. He talked of the pressures on and the establishment of  the park over 40 years.

Kids went on a walk to look at some of the issues. The surveyed two areas for scats with Wayne O’Sullivan and Catrina -Luz Aniere from Millennium Kids and  found evidence of rabbit, dogs and kangaroos.

‘There were dog scats everywhere. We saw lots of  dogs off the leash when the signs says dogs should be on a leash,” the students said.

The students looked at the flora and heard some really interesting stories about the plants – some are food, some are bush medicine and some are really good for making incense – like sandalwood.

Students will research the plants and have their interesting facts  published in the MK Project Explore Book to be launched in 2013.

Sandalwood in Karlkurla Park

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