Curtin Primary School Helps Create Habitat for Long Necked Turtle

Curtin Primary School joined in the fun at Gillon Street on Friday 6th July to help plant hundreds of small shrubs in the wetland area in Karawarra. ‘It was amazing”, one boy said.”We got to go outside and work in the environment. I love the environment.”

The students saw lots of birds in the wetland and asked lots of questions about how they could help the site. Their teacher was very excited about the opportunity to get more involved in learning about the area and doing workshops at the site which is just across the road from their school.

” This fits really well with Science and Society and the Environment”. she said.

At the end of the session the students were rewarded as a tiny long necked turtle hatchling came out across the footpath on its way to the wetland. The students stood back as MK CEO Catrina – Luz Aniere showed them just how tiny it was by measuring her hand against the length of the turtle. The students were in awe.

” This is why we need to help the environment”, the boy said.” We need to replant this area because it was all bush once and we changed it so we could have houses. Now we need to look after the area.”

Tiny long necked turtle hatchling makes it to wetland

The students will come back in Term 3 to officially adopt the site.

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