Mr Whippie Ice Cream Eases Distress

Aquinas College volunteers joined Millennium Kids Mentors to plant sedges and small shrubs at Sandon Park, Salter Point on Saturday 30 June and the boys were distressed to see several native species had been vandalised by members of the public. The boys could not understand why people would wilfully destroy the natural habitat. They checked out several dead trees that looked like they had been poisoned and took photographs of the vandalism to report their findings to the City of South Perth.

The boys helped plant over 300 local species in the areas designated for habitat. The site has corridors of vegetation so you can play on the lawn, kick a football, watch the river and have trees lining some areas of the river foreshore. The trees and river vegetation provide habitat for local bird species.

“There is plenty of room for everyone and houses have river views. We want local people to know they should help look after the river. A healthy river is a great place to enjoy,” one of the volunteers stated.


Just as they finished their work a Mr Whippie van could be heard in the distance. Thankfully it came around the corner and Millennium Kids donated a chocolate coated ice cream to all the volunteers. After all why have a Triple Bottom Line like  ‘ Have fun, eat chocolate and care for the environment’ if you are not going to make every effort to practise what you preach!

As part of Community Service the boys donated two hours of their Saturday to help the City of South Perth with its planting program.

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