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Projects for Energy

Solar Energy for a Brighter Future

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Pitch for the Planet, a Millennium Kids One Thousand Actions for the Planet project, brought together 100 people to the City of South Perth last week to listen to Kids ideas for the future.  These were no ordinary Kids. All of them wanted to make a positive impact on the planet. With 20 teams of Kids with ideas for change pitching to the community. Kids got feedback on their change making projects from teachers, business people, environmental scientists and engineers.  Kids took on board the stretchy questions to get them thinking about taking their projects from concept to reality.

With ideas flowing 5 Kids pitched for prize money totaling $500.00.

One team was a group of children who attend Belmont City College. Anne, Pauline, Hans, Giacamo and Tristan pitched the idea for their school to become a ‘Low Carbon School’ by installing solar panels and switching off lights in unattended rooms to reduce the amount of  carbon created.

The group based their pitch around the major benefits the solar panels would provide to the school.

“Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and doesn’t run out. The solar require little maintenance and are silent producers of energy” said the group. They understand their idea will not come cheaply and are looking towards the students, teachers and local community to get involved and put some dollars towards getting this project up and running. “As years pass, we can gradually add a few panels on buildings where electricity usage is too high.  Switching to solar panels may be costly, but it still saves more money in the long run. This money can be used to buy more solar panels”.

Students met with local MP Glenys Godfrey to share their ideas for the future. They didn’t win the Pitch night but they are determined to make their project a reality.

Quote Glenys Godfrey.


  • Belmont City College is part of environmental organisation Millennium Kids Inc working with Simply Carbon on the Low Carbon Schools Program to reduce carbon in local schools. .
  • To find out more about more about how Millennium Kids Inc. empowers young people to protect the environment visit

Youth Leader Gets A Grant

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Kennah Parker has received a grant for $1000.00 from City of Cockbrun to run a Big Switch Experiment Leadership program with Millennium Kids Inc. Kennah, a Youth Advisory Councillor with City of Cockburn is keen to help young people learn about climate change and other sustainability issues. Kennah will work with the MK Alumni to run a one day workshop with young people developing an action plan for change. Stay tuned for more information.

Switch Your Thinking

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

In October 2009 Wesley College Year 10 community service students had the opportunity to create advertisements promoting the work they were doing in regards to saving energy as apart of the Big Switch Experiement.

The BIG Switch Experiment – a success!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Young people don’t have time for a talkfest over why the climate is changing. According to youth environmental organisation, Millennium Kids, the next generation is looking to safeguard their future with practical action now.

As part of their practical response to these issues hundreds of WA students have signed up to participate in a youth driven climate change program known as “The Big Switch Experiment” which culminated in a week long Energy Action Week 5-11 March, 2010 in Western Australia.

Over the past two decades students across South Perth have said they are concerned about the state of our rivers and waterways, bushland, native animals, and the need to reduce our energy consumption. In 2009 students at seven South Perth schools participated in a series of Millennium Kids planning workshops and became part City of South Perth Sustainability Ambassadors. Each school has adopted its own plan of action with four of the schools committed to participating in the Energy Action Week in 2010 – South Perth Primary School, Penrhos College, Wesley College and Curtin Primary School.

Students at all of the South Perth schools have expressed their concern about the impact that Climate Change could have on the Swan River. Students from Curtin Primary school were among a number of young South Perth residents involved in planning the Big Switch Energy Action Week. Curtin Primary was the first school in the area to partner with Millennium Kids in 1996. In addition to participating in the Millennium Kids Big Switch Energy Action Week they are also involved in the City of South Perth project – Creatures of the Foreshore – which aims to feature and celebrate the children’s love of river creatures at the closing of the Fiesta on the first Saturday in March.

Four Year 7 Curtin Primary students, Samuel Hansen, Jack Hynam, V-E Tan and David Chang, met with Donna Farragher, Minister for Environment, on Wednesday 3 March to brief her on the project and invite her office to participate.

The Energy Action Week began with Clean Up Australia’s Friday Schools Clean Up Day on 5 March because young people want to see more co-ordination between sustainability projects and activities.

“We’ve been working with hundreds of students on this project over the past 12 months and they are very down to earth about what needs to be done and how to do it. They believe everyone needs to play their part and co-operation is the key,” said Catrina Aniere, CEO, Millennium Kids.

The Energy Action Week invited students to identify the number of households they enrol to participate in the 10 simple, week long energy reduction actions .

“The actions identified by young people are simple, everyday ones that they felt could be easily implemented and help change behaviour. They have given each action a star rating depending on its ability to reduce greenhouse gas,” said Ms Aniere.

More than 500 households were involved in the week long campaign including households in Kalgoorlie and north and south of the Swan River.

The Big Switch Experiment pilot has been sponsored by the State Government Office of Energy and the City of South Perth.