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TravelSmart EatSmart

Monday, June 14th, 2010

20 Schools participated in the TravelSmart EatSmart Incentive Trial. From Kalgoorlie to Bullsbrook and right down to Albany young people tried to reduce their greenhouse consumption by walking, riding and catching public transport to school.

Schools who participated teamed their TravelSmart Day with an EatSmart Morning tea thanks to the Millennium Kids EatSmart Grants.

Schools like Dunsborough Primary School incorporated the collecting of the TravelSmart EatSmart data into their Mathematics lessons and submitted a specially designed table of data to Millennium Kids.

Other schools like Calista Primary School had over 200 kids participate!!

Check out some Community Service Announcements made by kids below:

Travel MAN!

Kids that are Cool Walk to School!

Travelsmart – lets get fit!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We are Sinead, Natasha and Harmony and we are the fit girls. Some grown-ups get fit by lifting weights and doing push-ups. Driving a car does not help you get fit. It’s okay to drive somewhere if it takes half an hour or more, but it is easy for children to get fit by riding a bike or walking. It is great exercise and that is how we got fit. So remember what we say and stay fit!